San Francisco, February 2019

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about myself. I’ve been busy with things. I’m currently doing my 5th co-op/internship at Salesforce in San Francisco, working on network security stuff and having fun with GCP and Spinnaker. I will be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a fan of this city, but hearing my friends’ struggles with freezing rain and ice storms in Waterloo (it was, at one point in early February, colder than the North Pole and South Pole) makes me very thankful for the heavenly 10-15C weather here. What’s more, it’s been raining a lot and I absolutely adore the petrichor near where I live. San Francisco in the winter is every pluviophile’s wet dream.

The Chronicle of My First Year @ UW

I wrote the last exam (GER 101) of my first year at Waterloo two days ago. I was busy moving out or rez yesterday, and I just got some of my 1B marks on Quest. Thought I should write a blog post to wrap up my first year at UW. It was pretty lit: met a bunch of cool kids, joined a handful of clubs, played intramurals, pulled an (almost) all-nighter, got smashed twice, and had tons of fun in (some of) my classes while studying my butt off in the process.

How Will the Jays Pitchers Do This Year?

I made some unpolished predictions on how the Toronto Blue Jays' pitching rotation will fare in the 2016 season, based on advanced (SABR) metrics such as ERA+ and WAR.